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A modern
holistic learning
for language

A visually interactive learning experience, designed with complete methods of instruction facilitated by online teachers through a dedicated learning management platform.

JESI iLearn promotes a modern technique of alternative education program to a
global scale, through the JESI LMS portal we crafted years to the international standards.

We adhere to a holistic training approach for our students of all ages in their toddlerhood, preschool, teen, and adult groups to attain proficiency in learning English as a second language.

Your kid’s learning partner.

Experience the world of interactive
learning, discoveries, fun & adventures!

Inspire the next generation.

Support your child’s potentials in their
staging careers for big dreams.

Building careers & leaders.

Leadership and communication
careers to become role models.


We creatively designed our training
playground on the cloud in a unique,
non-traditional learning method.


Our training rules are designed
to make the learning processes easy
for the kids, interesting & enjoyable.


Friendly teachers who have handled
over a million young & adult students
from different countries.


Fundamental training for preschoolers.

During this period, your kid’s curiosity widens with their imagination turns wild. They will start to show interest & identify objects they encounter. They can even remember things or moments of events to retain in mind. While many of the kids exhibit natural talents more vividly, others are keen on athletic activities, arts & music, and more!

JESI Teen Advance →

Applied holistic approach training for teens.

We inspire the younger generation by bringing the interactive blocks of training lessons that would help in suggesting a suitable career path for them by understanding their interests, boosting talents, and sharpening of skills.

JESI Pro Active Learners →

Advancing careers for professionals.

We create future leaders by character building, enriching behaviors, and boosting the confidence of our students to prepare them as next-generation frontliners. Through individualized assessments, we measure every progress of their acquired abilities. JesiPro Active Learners would surely enjoy the journey as we guide them in every step of the way.

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