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About Us → Message from the President

Greetings, guardians & learners!

JESI iLearn International is a brainchild by JoBS eSolutions.

As technological advancements continue to evolve, our world becomes closer and closer in virtual connectivity. We securely engage in various online services, such as e-commerce and digital banking. For our team, the years of professional experience with traditional learning methods has opened opportunities to this call of finding alternate learning solutions.

And today, we stand with pride to share with you the principles of virtual education, no longer in theory but an existing reality benefited by our partner institutions and individuals around the world.

Have fun learning for excellence!

A Technology by JoBS eSolutions

JESI iLearn is powered by JESI Learning Management System (JESI LMS), it is a cloud-based technology platform developed and registered patent by JoBS eSolutions – a Davao IT enabler in English language education. The LMS Portal uses the internet as a medium to access, demonstrate, and download the virtual library resources of interactive content & materials designed for the global market of English as a language training, university programs, and allied global partners of JESI iLearn International.