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JESI iLearn Programs → JESI Kids SMART 

Your Kid’s Learning Partner!

We conduct virtual classes in group or individualized mentoring for preschoolers aged 3-5 years old to guide them through the building blocks of learning stages in advancing their unique capabilities. We provide fundamental support in many areas to fill them with strong emotional, moral foundation, and social abilities at a young age.

Unique Method of Training

JESI Kids SMART program is holistically aligned to develop a child’s behavior through a series of character formation. It strongly focus and suggests motivation, responsibility, and learning skills. The whole training deals with a lot of exercising the young learner’s curious minds to keep sharp while making discoveries.

Through artificial & virtual classroom environment, JESI Kids apply proper guidance & observations to evaluate your child’s progress for assessment.

JESI Kids Building Blocks of Learning Focus

> Counting Numbers
> Learning the Alphabet
> Identify Basic Shapes
> Naming Animals

> Basic Skills
> Child Values
> Reading Time
> Writing Words

> Phonic Sounds
> Identify Colors
> Singing Toddler Songs
> Learning Words

> Basic English Words
> Helping at Home
> Spelling Lessons
> Family Tree

> Gestures & Actions
> Coloring Activities
> Basic Drawing
> Facial Gestures

> Being a Good Kid
> Being Honest
> Objects Comparison
> Fun Art

The ABC’s of JESI Kids Learning

Overcome your child’s shyness

Let’s create future superstars!