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Building careers to Lead.

Everyone is a born leader, however, the spirit of leadership in us can be compromised to naturally vanish when not given a chance to show up or build strong. The JESI Pro Active Learners is a structured learning strategy for character building, focusing on behavioral formation and boosting their social & communication abilities. It is designed for the active and young professionals to help them drive further with their careers. 

JESI iLEAD Program


The Building Blocks of Learning Focus

→ Polite Expressions & Basic Communication
→ Different Hobbies and Interests
→ Different Kinds of Holidays and Celebrations
→ Different Kinds of Sports & Weather
→ Learning the Senses & Taking Care of Health
→ Learning about Feelings & Emotions
→ Learning about Transport and Travel
→ Learning about Settling Down in a New Place
→ Learning Technology in Career Preparation
→ and more activities